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The Ultimate Compact Electric Chainsaw

Thinking of Buying a Heavy, Gas-Powered Saw? DON’T. There is a Better Solution!

Small But Powerful

All the Power of a Gasoline Saw, Without the Size!

100% Electric

Eco-Friendly and Rechargeable from Any Wall Outlet.

Hours of Battery Life

Use for up to 3 hours before requiring a recharge.

Cost Effective

Most saws cost $600+ and require expensive gas or oil. Not Haxsaw™!

Haxsaw™ Hand-Held Chainsaw Includes:

Texturized, One-handed Grip

Lightweight and easy to use. Especially for Seniors!

Long Lasting Battery

Saw through branches for hours on end. Recharge fast from any wall outlet!

Simple, One Button Controls

Just squeeze and saw.

High-Speed Rotation

Operates at a remarkable 2,000 RPM for quick and efficient cutting.

Say YES to Lightning Fast Cuts, Happy Neighbors, And NO MORE Gas Spills

  • Yardwork Done Faster, Guaranteed Do you recall the frustration you felt trying to crank-start a chainsaw or lawn mower on a cold day? The Haxsaw™ removes all the hassles of using a gas-powered tool thanks to a revolutionary new electric motor. It maneuvers easily with one hand, its 21-volt motor is powerful and efficient enough to tackle the tough cutting jobs for up to three hours on a single charge.
  • Work Quietly and Peacefully: At 109 decibels, a gas chainsaw is louder than an accelerating motorcycle. Without proper ear protection, running a chainsaw for only 2 minutes can cause serious hearing loss! Haxsaw’s smooth electric motor spins at an extreme rotational speed, but it’s no louder than a microwave! Now you can peacefully and quietly work in your yard or garden. Quietly cut through thick branches in the early morning hours without waking your family or neighbors!
  • Simple, Cost Effective, Eco-Friendly!
    With gas prices sky-rocketing and an increased awareness on saving the planet, no one wants to increase their carbon footprint and waste money doing it! Nor do they want to be accused of not caring. With the Haxsaw™, you’ll never spend another dollar on fossil fuel. You won’t be polluting our precious earth, either. Instead, you’ll be caring for Mother Earth, by spending quality time beautifying your property. Without gas refills, oil changes or annoying pull cords, the Haxsaw™ will save you time and money.
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Fast, Eco-Friendly, Cost Effective: The Ultimate Portable Chainsaw

Why should you choose The Haxsaw™?

Ultra Efficient SuperSonic™ Copper Motor: Until today, electric chainsaws had a BIG problem: Combining battery-life and power. Chainsaws that were powerful, lacked battery life. Chainsaws that had both were still big and heavy. The Haxsaw™ combines breakthrough electro-mechanical genius with 21st century technology to bring you the best of both: Incredible Power AND Long Battery Life. Constructed from pure 100% copper, it can rotate at a blazing fast 2,000 RPM for hours on end.
Long Lasting and Rechargeable: Nothing is more frustrating than your battery dying in the middle of your work, right? The Haxsaw’s 21V Lithium Ion battery works together with the efficient copper motor to work for up to 2 hours of hard use or 4 hours of mild use. That’s enough time to accomplish almost any yard or garden task. Trim dead tree limbs, spruce up the garden, or complete a home project.
Intuitive Ergonomic Design: Haxsaw™ was designed by a hard working team of top-of-the field specialists in ergonomics. The Saw has elegant, texturized grip and a single button control that can be used by any adult. It was designed with seniors in mind to help maintain their independence by making landscaping safer and easier. Wish to take control of your overgrowing yard? Haxsaw™ is the answer!
Cut In Hard to Reach Places: What’s the hardest job with a chainsaw? Hands down, it has to be overhead tree trimming. Trying to cut down smaller overhead branches is not only a challenge, it’s DANGEROUS. Unlike bulky, awkward chainsaws, the Haxsaw™ works great for overhead landscaping. Your arms don’t fatigue as easily and tree limbs are easier to reach. With Haxsaw™ you can worry less and enjoy the outdoors more.

Haxsaw™ vs Traditional Saws - the Winner is Clear!

Traditional Chainsaws

Heavy, Difficult To Manuever
A traditional chainsaw is useful UNTIL you need to cut down branches deep within bushes or above your head. Then it becomes downright DANGEROUS.
Extremely Loud
2 minutes of cutting and you realize you forgot ear protection. The screaming chainsaw makes your ears ring. Your neighbors are angry and you can’t wait to get it over with. Frustrated yet?
Requires Mixing Gas and Oil
As gasoline and oil prices continue toward record highs, owning a traditional chainsaw is getting even more expensive. Not only is gasoline costly but it’s smelly, time-consuming and TOXIC!

Revolutionary Haxsaw™

Lightweight & Compact
The Haxsaw™ weighs in at just 3 pounds so any adult (especially seniors) can freely use it with just ONE HAND! Never again feel the stress and struggle of a heavy, loud, gas chainsaw.
Super Quiet
With the Haxsaw™, yard work becomes a relaxing, stress free experience. Minimal noise means no hearing protection needed. Peace and quiet allows you to focus and actually enjoy time in the yard.
Eco-Friendly Rechargable Battery
No more need to mix stinky gas and oil. No need to fill it up before use. With the Haxsaw’s powerful lithium ion battery, just slide it on and you’re ready in seconds.
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Frequently asked questions

Q: What’s included in the package?
Haxsaw™ Electric Chainsaw — 21V Lithium-Ion Battery — Wall Outlet Charger — Accessories Kit — FREE GIFT: 1 Pair Protective Garden Gloves — FREE GIFT: Stylish Safety Glasses — FREE GIFT: $25.00 Credit Toward — Next Purchase Over $100
Q: What types of work can the Haxsaw™ be used for?
A: Trimming trees, cutting down dead branches, cutting firewood, home projects, pruning, and even carpentry! The blades spin at an equivalent speed to standard chainsaw, yet it is far more compact. The added flexibility allows you to cut in hard to reach places.
Q: Can My Parents / Seniors use it?
A: Yes, the Haxsaw™ is designed with seniors in mind. It’s lightweight, at just under 4 pounds and simple to operate with just one button. As we age, we shouldn’t have to sacrifice our productivity or independence. Get yours back with the Haxsaw™!
Q: Can I see the Product Manual before buying?
A: Absolutely, we encourage you to review the product manual and adhere to all safety warnings before using the tool. Owners Manual and Safety Information: Click Here To Download

The Haxsaw™: 5 Ways To Improve Your Home and Garden

Trim Dead Branches:
Maybe the best thing about the Haxsaw™ is how satisfying yard work can become again. Not only can it cut as fast as a traditional chainsaw – but it’s completely quiet. Imagine: You’re getting some gentle exercise in… you’re relaxing… and taking in the fresh air and outdoors. The silence allows you to focus and enjoy. What could be healthier? Since you’re not weighed down for hours with a loud, heavy, chainsaw, you actually feel good as you make your yard look gorgeous. In a weird way, yard work actually becomes a relaxing, fulfilling experience.
Quickly Chop Firewood:
Hoping to sit by a warm fire this winter? Maybe go on a camping trip? Chopping wood is a time consuming and labor intensive task. Fortunately, Haxsaw™ provides the easy way to chop firewood. Even take it with you in a backpack for your next camping trip! Forget wasting hours swinging an axe, get the Haxsaw™ instead.
Spruce Up Hedges & Bushes:
What’s the hardest job with a chainsaw? Hands down, it has to be overhead landscaping. Trying to cut down smaller overhead shrub and bush limbs is not only a challenge, it’s DANGEROUS. Unlike bulky, awkward chainsaws, the Haxsaw™ works great for overhead landscaping. Your arms don’t fatigue as easily, and I admit, the end result is way more attractive.
Wood Working and DIY Projects:
Beautifying your yard or garden is one thing. Transforming your home? That’s a whole new challenge. Especially if you don’t want to spend a fortune on different types of power saws. With the Haxsaw™, you can easily mark and accurately cut: Plywood, 2×4’s, and PVC pipe! Even shave down a log for wood carving. What new challenges are you going to accomplish with the Haxsaw™?
Remove Tree Stumps & Roots:
Removing a dead tree stump or root can be difficult, especially with a big gas-powered chainsaw. The heavy weight and clunky size makes it nearly impossible to cut away roots at the right angles. The Haxsaw™ makes it easy with it’s ergonomic, one-handed design. Now you don’t need to hire an expensive landscaping crew to do the job. Do it yourself with the Haxsaw™!
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Real Customer Reviews

326 Reviews

I’m 78 years old but still work around my property. I am not able to use regular sized chainsaws. This little fella is PERFECT! I needed to get to a bunch of carogana trunks and the small size of this little chainsaw made it easy to reach these areas. LOVE THIS CHAINSAW!

Laurie H.

Easy to handle

Gracie A.

I have a shoulder injury so I’d given up on using chain saws as they are too heavy. I figured I’d try this one and it works well for me. I can easily do the small to medium stuff and hire someone to do the big branch and tree cutting. One thing to note – when I first assembled it, I got the chain on backwards so it didn’t cut well. When I realized my error I turned it around and it works great. When I first used it I found I had to adjust the chain, but now I rarely have to adjust it. Thanks muc…

Carol S.

My husband said it did a good job! He has used it to clean up dead limbs from trees and bushes!

Tommye A.

I did some major tree trimming and used my super saw to cut down limbs 2-2 1/2 in in diameter and to trim branches & limbs to meet my city’s 48 in length requirement. The saw is very handy and powerful!

Paul N.

I have 2 kinds of Arthritis which makes for a lot of difficulty in getting outside work done. Plus since I’m a woman, no upper body strength to speak of. This product was and is a godsend!!!!

Madeline D

My husband is addicted to this! Always looking for things to cut up. Great purchase. I enjoy using it too.

Susan W.

This is a great tool! Long battery life, lots of power, and lots of fun. Makes yard work so easy!

William T.

I bought this for my husband for Christmas, but I can’t believe it don’t have a case for it. I’m disappointed in that !! Can’t comment, being it’s a gift for him. I purchased extra batteries, & chains, but no case to store it in. It would be nice to be able to keep it all together, or just being a portable saw to go. Just grab your case & go. This tool would be so convenient with a case. Usually twos like this come with one. I love your tools, we have several already. Hope this comment helps. M…

Deborah M.

I gave 2 as presents. The guys loved them.

Melody C.

The design and function of saw works really well and very pleased with that aspect. I had some issues with the shipment and delivery that got pretty confusing at times, but eventually it all worked out and they delivered the items I ordered. I only tested it briefly and have not done a test under a full workload, but everything points that his little mini chain hand saw will do what I intend to use it for! I would give it 5 stars if the shipping confusion with DHL gets fixed. So go for it!

David M.

Saw was reasonable to assemble. Easy use charger. Easy to use one handed sawing limbs.

Daniel L

Came charged and ready to go. Took a little bit of finagaling to get the cover on over the blade. But oh my 2″ branch off in less than 5 secs.!!! I love it.

Pamela B.

I am having the best time with this saw! I cuts like butter and is so easy to use. I would buy it again in a minute!

Christina C.

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